Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Opportunities 

Would you like to see your company’s name on our website? Would you like our members to see it too? VTAT has a number of ways for your company to market to our members.

Newsletter Ads

VTAT publishes 6 Newsletters a year. Distribution dates vary. Please contact a VTAT board member for deadlines.                                                         2 ed.                      4 ed.                      6 ed.

Business Card Size                                           $50                         $100                       $150

                                ½ Page                               $100                       $200                       $300

                                Full page                             $250                       $350                       $450

Website Ads

Advertising is available on the VTAT website. Only advertising that is consistent with the values and standards of VTAT will be allowed. All submissions are subject to editorial change with regard to clarity or length.                                                 1 mo.                     2 mo.                     3 mo.

Banner                                                                $100                     $200                       $300