Bylaws of the Veterinary Team Association of Texas




Formerly known as Texas Association of Registered Veterinary Technicians (TARVT)



To represent and advance all veterinary staff through education, public awareness, legislative action, and membership development by collaboratively working with other veterinary professional organizations, working toward one common goal: the enhancement of veterinary medicine.




Section 1.  The name of the association shall be the Veterinary Team Association of Texas, herein referred to as the Association.




Section 1.   The purpose of the Association shall be:

  1. To promote and maintain professionalism and ethical behavior for all

veterinary support staff.

  1. To promote and provide continuing educational opportunities for

veterinary support staff.

  1. To encourage and improve communications between Veterinary support staff.
  2. To be informed in legislative matters and to represent Veterinary support staff in these matters.
  3. To educate the public and the veterinary community in regard to the value

and benefits gained from employing trained para-professionals.

  1. To promote and maintain the professional relationship between Veterinarians

and Veterinary support staff.

  1. To support and improve the development of the vocation of Veterinary

Technology in all its aspects.

  1. To assist in providing the best medical attention available to suffering

animals and to promote the humane treatment of all animals.




Section 1.   The association will operate as a non-profit organization having no capital

                    stock of any kind or nature and shall declare no dividends.


Section 2.   No part of the net earnings of the Association shall inure to benefit any private shareholder or individual.




Section 1.   Business of the Association may be conducted by mail and electronic sources

                   such as email, online chats, conference calls, and video conferences.


Section 2.   The Association may establish and maintain a website to promote the





Section 1.   Memberships available are:

  1. Active
  2. Affiliate
  3. Student
  4. Honorary


Section 2.   Active membership is available to those persons:

  1. Recognized and licensed by the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (hereafter referred to as TBVME) as Texas Licensed Veterinary Technicians according to the standard of both TBVME and the Association.
  2. Support staff other than LVT’s actively employed in the veterinary profession.
  3. Lapsed membership in the Association may be brought into good standing by

       paying back dues (up to 2 years).

  1. Eligible for serving on task forces in all capacities.
  2. Have full voting privileges.
  3. All past presidents that have fulfilled their full term (President-Elect, President, and Board Advisor), will be given a lifetime “active” membership as long as they meet the qualifications for “active” membership.


Section 3.   Affiliate membership includes:

  1. Veterinarians
  2. Professionals in fields related to veterinary medicine.
  3. Affiliate members are non-voting members.
  4. May serve on task forces in all capacities.


Section 4.   Student membership is available to students of AVMA accredited veterinary technology programs.

  1. Shall be non-voting members.
  2. May serve on task forces in all capacities
  3. Will receive one (1) full year complimentary active membership in the Association after licensing with TBVME.
  4. Eligible to apply for association student scholarships for 2nd year veterinary technology students residing in Texas.


Section 5.   Honorary membership is conferred upon persons not qualifying for active membership who have provided distinctive and singular services in support of the Association.

  1. Honorary membership is conferred at the discretion of the Executive Board.
  2. It does not carry the privileges or rights of active membership.
  3. The honorary membership is a lifetime membership.


Section 6.   Membership in the above categories may be obtained after formal application and payment of dues to the Association for approval. The Board of Directors shall establish dues and payment dates as outlined in the association “policies and procedures.” 


Section 7.   Only active members in good standing (i.e. dues of the current year paid) may vote for officers or in other affairs of the Association.


Section 8.   Members shall be subject to suspension or expulsion from the Association for violation of ethics or purposes and objectives established by the Association.  The member will be notified by the association board of their concerns and given the opportunity to present any circumstances contributing to the violation before the board votes.  Suspension or expulsion from the association requires a two-thirds majority vote by the Board of Directors.




Section 1.   The elected officers of the Association shall be President, Vice President, President Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary.  With the Board Advisor, these officers shall comprise the Executive Board.


Section 2.   Members who wish to serve as officers of the Association must fulfill the following qualifications:

  1. Be an active member in good standing with the Association for a minimum of the immediate past two (2) consecutive years and actively employed in the veterinary profession in order to be a candidate for an Executive Board position. A nominee for the office of President Elect must have successfully completed a term of office on the Executive Board.
  2.    Will not be required to pay dues to the association during their term of office; 

        nor be required to pay for registration fees to any continuing education  

        seminar sponsored by the Association.


Section 3.   President. One (1) year term.  The President shall:

  1. Preside as Chairman of the Executive Board.
  2. Preside at all meeting of the Association and conduct them by a formal order  

       of business.

  1.  Represent the Association in all matters designated by the Executive Board as Association business.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  2. Make a bi-annual report to the general membership which shall be an analysis of the present condition of the Association and the Veterinary Technician profession, activities and progress during the past year and make suggestions for improvement.
  3. Sign business vouchers of the Association.
  4. Have one (1) vote on the Executive Board.


 Section 4.  President Elect.  One (1) year term of office with automatic succession to the office of President.  The President Elect shall:

  1. Perform the duties of the President during absence or temporary disability of the President.
  2. Become President to fill the unexpired term of office in case of resignation, impeachment, total disability, or death of the President.
  1. Cooperate in the promotional works of the Association under the direction of the Executive Board.
  2. Accompany the President whenever possible when performing official duties of the Association in order to learn by example.
  3. Have one (1) vote on the Executive Board.


Section 5.   Vice President.  One (1) year term.  The Vice President shall:

  1. Serve as representative to the Regional Contacts for the Executive Board.
  2. Have one (1) vote on the Executive Board.


Section 6.   Treasurer.  Two (2) year term.  The Treasurer shall:

  1. Receive and be in charge of the funds of the Association and provide for the expenditure of such funds.
  2. Compile and give a written report of the financial status of the Association at meetings of the Executive Board. Make a written report to the Executive Board of the financial status of the Association whenever requested to do so and provide a written report to the Association at each semi-annual general membership meeting.
  3. Submit all books of account for audit as specified by the Executive Board.
  4. Be bonded at the expense of the Association at such times funds permit and the Executive Board sees fit.
  5. Sign business vouchers of the Association with the approval of the President.
  6. Keep records on all dues from the membership.
  7. Be responsible for preparing and submitting all state and federal forms for the Association.
  8. Have one (1) vote on the Executive Board.


Section 7.   Secretary.  Two (2) year term.  The Secretary shall:

  1. Be responsible for conducting general correspondence for the Association and the Executive Board.
  2. Preserve papers, documents and property of the Association.
  3. Send notices of time and place of the Executive Board meetings.
  4. Have one (1) vote on the Executive Board.


Section 8.   Board Advisor.  One (1) year term.  The Board Advisor shall:

  1. Not be elected. The immediate Past President of the Association will hold this office.
  2. Act in a consulting capacity to the Executive Board and the Association.
  3. Have no vote, except in the case of a deadlock vote on the Executive Board. Then will cast the tie-breaking vote.


Section 9.   Vacancies in Executive offices occurring due to resignation, impeachment, total disability, or death will be filled by appointment of the Executive Board except the office of President Elect.  The position of President Elect will require a written election from the general membership to fill the vacancy.


Section 10. Officers not fulfilling their obligations as outlined in these by-laws are subject to impeachment by a unanimous vote of the Executive Board, excluding the vote of the officer in question.


Section 11. All officers of the Executive Board must turn over all documents, holdings and property of the Association within two (2) weeks of the installation of the incoming officers.


Section 12. The Election Coordinator shall:

  1. Be designated by the current Executive Board.
  2. Be responsible for assembling an annual Election Task Force with the approval of ballots, notification of election results and enforcing voting procedure as stated in the by-laws of the Association.
    1. Members of the Election Task Force are not current candidates for office or current officers of the Association.
    2. Ballots will be kept until new officers are installed. Election results will be kept along with any other pertinent documents for preservation.




Section 1.   The Executive Board shall be composed of the President, Vice President, President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and Board Advisor.


Section 2.   The Executive Board shall be the legislative and administrative body of the Association and its functions shall include but not be limited to:

  1. Defining and formulating a statement outlining programmed activities proposed for the ensuing year. This action shall take place at the first meeting of the new Executive Board with the general membership.
  2. Approving allocation of the Association’s monies in a budget submitted for each ensuing year.
  3. Establishing standing, special and ad hoc task forces as required to perform activities of the Association.
  4. Preparing or causing to be prepared such resolutions as may be required and appropriated to the purposes of the Association.
  5. Maintaining appropriate public relations and disseminating information concerning the Association and its activities to selected individuals, organizations and news media.
  6. Direct and coordinate the Association’s task forces in areas including but not restricted to: continuing education, fund raising projects and future developments and continual improvement of the profession among Veterinary Technicians and veterinary support staff.


Section 3.   The Executive Board shall be required to meet a minimum of once each quarter to review committee reports and progress of programs and to discuss pertinent matters in the interest of the Association.

  1. There must be at least four officers of the Executive Board present at each Board meeting to conduct the business of the Association.
  2. Upon special request, chairpersons of task forces may be required to attend meetings of the Executive Board.
  3. Meetings will use the Roberts Rules of Order.
  4. Notices of each member of the Executive Board and anyone invited or required to attend the board meeting must be notified fourteen (14) days prior to the meetings.
  5. Executive Board meetings are closed except for the following conditions:
    1. Upon invitation of the Executive Board.
    2. Any member of the Association in good standing may make a written petition to the Executive Board to attend a specified Board Meeting. The Executive Board must give written notice of approval before attendance will be allowed.
  6. Executive Board members who are unable to attend a Board Meeting may submit written comments on issues affecting the business of the Association, which may be read into the minutes of the meeting.
  7. In the event of urgent or emergency issues which must be addressed immediately, or in the case of the inability of the Executive Board to meet, telephone conferences, video conferences or internet chats may be used.




Section 1.   The President of the Association, with the approval of the Executive Board, may create any standing or ad hoc task forces.


Section 2.   There shall be an active chairperson for each task force created by the President, who shall be appointed by the President.  One (1) year term.

  1. Task force chairpersons will select the task forces membership. Task force chairpersons must submit the membership names selected for service on the task force within thirty (30) days from the notification of appointment of office.
  2. A chairperson may chair only one task force but may serve on more than one task force as a member.
  3. Task force chairpersons may submit requests for creation of ad hoc task forces to the Executive Board.
  4. Past task force chairpersons shall relinquish all materials, documents and property of the Association to the incoming chairperson within two (2) week notice of change of office.


Section 3.   The President must have approval of the Executive Board for the creation or dissolution of any task force(s).  Any task forces may present justification for continuing to exist to the Executive Board for consideration.




Regional Contacts


Section 1.   Established Regional divisions/policies are as listed in policies and procedures.


Section 2.   The Regional Contacts shall be appointed by the Vice President of the Association. 

  1. Candidates considered for regional contact must be from that region and in good standing as an active member of the association.
  2. Assist in representing the Association as requested by the Executive Board.


Newsletter Editor


Section 1.   Newsletter Editor.  Renewable term.  The Newsletter Editor shall:

  1. Be appointed by the Executive Board of the Association.
  2. Candidates considered for newsletter editor must be in good standing as an active member of the association.
  3. Serve as Newsletter Editor until the Executive Board no longer finds his/her work adequate or appropriate, or until he/she resigns. Notice of resignation must be given sixty (60) days prior to actual departure from office.
  4. Other duties as outlined in the policies and procedures.


Student Representatives


Section 1.   Established Student Representative divisions/policies are as listed in policies and procedures.




Section 1.   Nominations for elected officers shall:

  1. Be Active members in good standing with the Association.
  2. Student memberships are not eligible for nomination.
  3. Reelection to an office on the Executive Board previously held or not, by a former board member within the past three years, is subject to approval by the current reigning board.


Section 2.   Nominations shall be accepted from members in good standing with the Association, providing nominees meet the required qualifications. 

  1. Nominations must be submitted to the Election Coordinator by the second Friday in October, unless otherwise specified by the Executive Board.
  2. The Election Coordinator position is to be designated by the Executive Board for each term.


Section 3.   Each nominee must send a written acceptance of his/her nomination to the Election Coordinator before his/her name may be placed on the official ballot.


Section 4.   Each nominee must submit to the Election Coordinator, a brief personal history, reasons for running for office and proposed goals for the Association for publication in the newsletter or the ballot packet.




Section 1.   All voting members of the Association may vote by using the association’s website.  The final copy of the histories of the nominees and the ballot shall be available to the voting members of the Association no later than the last Friday in October unless otherwise specified by the Executive Board.


Section 2.   Deadlines for voting shall be November 30th, unless otherwise specified by the Executive Board.


Section 3.   Officers shall be elected by the simple majority vote.  In case of a tie vote, run-offs may be held and members shall receive a second ballot for this circumstance.




Section 1.   All nominees shall be notified of the election results by Dec 15th, unless otherwise specified by the Executive Board.


Section 2.   Election results shall be published in the January newsletter of the Association.


Section 3.   Installation of newly elected officers shall occur January 1st of the new calendar year.




Section 1.   Proposed amendment changes are to be submitted to the Executive Board whose function is to review and investigate their validity.  These proposals must be submitted to the Board by September 1st.

  1. Any By-Law proposed changes must be submitted to the membership by October 1st.
  2. Any member of the Association shall be eligible to voice their opinion of the proposal(s) at this time.
  3. The Executive Board may approve proposed changes for a vote, based on the results of the membership discussions or request the proposition be tabled pending further review.


Section 2.   A two-thirds (2/3) votes cast by the general membership by electronic vote shall adopt the amendment.


Section 3.   Approved By-Law changes will be instituted as of December 1st of that calendar year.




Section 1.   Robert’s Rules of Order Revised, Latest Edition, shall govern all proceedings of the Association, subject to the special rules which have been adopted.


Updated as of January 18, 2016